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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Born to Party, Forced to Work.

As a single young adult in KL who was born to party but forced to work, naturally throwing house parties became what I do over the weekends when I am not on the dancefloor in Zouk or Frangipani with my gal pals Josephine, Ee Vonn and Pupas. Recently I discovered the perfect speaker system to make the homeground parties that much more awesome. And it is none other than the Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker.

Share Your Music Anytime, Anywhere

Today’s technology has redefined the way millions of people listen to music. From gramophone, boom-box to portable devices with headphones, devices to project sounds or music have greatly evolved. The latest innovation features wireless portable Bluetooth speakers that are not only portable but produce high quality audio.     

Specifically, the Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker is built with Neodymium Speakers that boast crystal clear treble and earth-shattering bass. Thanks to the passive bass radiator that enhances bass quality, your acoustics are an orchestral delight. Being able to set the atmosphere in a room with a compact device like this – is simply wonderful.

Taking this speaker with you is a snap. Small and portable, its metal casing and white silver colour lets it stand out as a stylish audio accessory. Connecting your mobile phone to the Bluetooth speaker is an easy process due to the built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) feature.

Indoors, the speaker turns your living room into a theatre. Utilizing SoundShare, you can also pair the speaker to your Samsung TV, creating an audio visual delight right in your living room. And it’s all powered by a 2200mA lithium-ion battery that guarantees at least 12 hours of elegant sounds on the go.

The Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect combination of quality sounds and portability for any kind of lifestyle. Best of all, it turns your music into high powered beats – the way it’s meant to be heard.  

Rating 7/10

My New Life Companion

Riding the KTM Komuter to work has completely made me dependent on diversions to get me through the sardine-packed ride, and i cling on to these distractions desperately either by reading the continuously changing cycle of books or listening to good old music from my Samsung device. For optimum smartphone experience, the Samsung GALAXY S4 is the gadget to have.

A New Life Companion?

In this modern society of tech and gadgetry, man and his smartphone has formed a unique symbiosis. The sight of a smartphone is so ubiquitous that for many, it’s the first thing they check when they wake and the last before they sleep. Even at restaurants, you’ll see people snapping photos of their food or chatting on messaging applications. With a sea of smartphones with different features and specifications to choose from, it has become increasingly difficult to decide which to buy.

When it comes to the latest and greatest, the Samsung’s GALAXY S4 smartphone comes to mind.
It’s built to be fast; packing a 1.9GHz quad core processor and LTE 4G capabilities, so you can get what you want, when you want it.

The GALAXY S4’s 13MP camera is also a feature people will love. Unlike other smartphones, the GALAXY S4 gets you involved by bringing the user into the photos. Features like Dual Shot snaps both the front and rear camera, allowing users to capture their own expressions and still be part of a group photo. Another feature, ‘Sound & Shot’, snaps photos with a short sound bite; letting users record the sights, sounds and even an emotional message. Reliving those precious moments and taking loved ones on your life journey has never been easier.

It’s the best and perfect device that fits into my everyday life!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

West Coast Represent!

I had the best holiday ever! 2 weeks break for Eid ul-Fitr and half the states in west coast peninsular Malaysia was covered. AWESOME! My first backpacking trip too. Thx USM for ur free huge backpack :p
First we went to Taiping and stayed in my house. Then we took the bus to Ipoh and stayed in Ee Vonne's house. After that we carpooled to Cameron Highlands. Then bus again to Tampin in Negeri Sembilan. From there, Melaka by public bus. In Melaka, we stayed in Azlan's house for raya. It was totally fun. We met a lot of Azlan's frens there and had tonnes of cookies and raya specialties.
Later train to KL Sentral. My first time taking a train since i can remember. My mom told me that we've used the train before when i was small but i don't remember it at all. Catching the train was soo damn funny. We were late and were rushing like mad to reach the station. Azlan frantically called the KTM office to ask them to please wait for us for a while but the person on the other side said she can't promise anything. We were stuck in jam. The clock was ticking away. The train was waiting for us by the time we reached. Azlan's car bonnet had to be opened with a key and we just pulled out all the bags from there and literally ran inside the train. It was freaking like a scene from the Amazing Race or something. I will never forget it.
In KL, we stayed in Yfong's house. Her room is like freaking huge. We were really comfortable that nite. Then we went to Selangor by train and after that i came back to Taiping by train. The train back was nice coz me, Ee and Constant took the same train. Ee got down first in Ipoh, then i did in Taiping and last C in Butterworth. lol
The places that we went. Let's see: Taiping Lake Gardens, Taiping Museum, Burmese Pool, War Memorial Cemetery, Maxwell Hill, Taiping Sentral, Sky Bar, Ipoh City, De'Gardens, Ipoh Jusco, Buddhist & Taoist & Hindu temples, Kellie's Castle, tea garden, some jungle, Tampin town, Melaka city, Mahkota Parade, A'Famosa, St.Paul's Church, some historical buildings, Maritime museum, KL city, KLCC, KL Tower, KL Times Square, Cosmo's World Theme Park, Pavilion, Bukit Bintang, Bintang Walk, a reggae bar, Chinatown, Blueboy, Sutraa, Batu Caves and more places i can't remember now. I think the most places that we went are in KL. And of course lots n lots of McDonald's. Hahaha. In Cosmo's Marcela and I had so much fun. We did the roller coaster like 3 times lol. While Victor was sleeping in Starbucks :p
Although initially it was 5 of us, along the way we met up with Fabio and Abz. It was good to see them. Coz most of the times, i was a fifth wheel on the trip. The first thing Abz said to me when she saw us: "Hey, you're the 5th wheel!" And i'm like "OMG u know that?" And she replied "Duh i'm an American." LOL.
Thx Azlan and Yfong for letting us stay in ur place! It was the awesomest trip ever!

p/s: Got into a bit of trouble with relatives coz i couldn't attend a family gathering because of the trip. Haizz.. Hope they're not mad at me.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I (HEART) getting SKINSed!!!

Okay so me and my frens were like totally into IUTs last sem and we still are of course. So whenever i went to any site to download the IUTs, Skins would definitely be featured in the site. N now that i'm on semester break, i decided to give Skins a try to find out wat the heck is all the fuss about. I noe it's a UK made tv series abt teenagers, and since i'm like already into GG, i didn't think i'd be much impressed. Little did i noe, i'd get hooked to it! It's like one of the most foul-mouthed, over-the-top-wild-characters-filled, nudity and sex promoting tv series with all the diff UK accents i've ever seen. N that's just the way i liked it hahahaha.

The specialty abt Skins is that it's abt students doing the Sixth Form for 2 years, so there's like 1 series (or season in US) for each year in Form 6. That means, the characters are changed every 2 series! That would definitely put a damp for those viewers who like to choose sides and root for their characters. U're gonna have to choose a diff character to root for once the tv serial reaches the odd series, Skinners! I shld say, even for non-fanatics (i'm one of those character-rooting-fanatics btw), it's hard to ignore the fact that the previous characters who shld have grown on u by the time u finish 2 series, won't be back for the 3rd series. So far i'm still in series 2, and the thought of my favourite characters Maxxie and Jal not returning for series 3 does make my heart in need of a plaster. Huhuhu...

But wat makes me feel better though is that i have found fellow Skinners among my friends! It turns out Pea is done with series 1 & 2, Fifi already started watching in Australia, and currently Jay is experiencing the joy in getting SKINNED as well! Thx guys! And another current obsession of mine that is Skins-inflicted is the downloading of all the songs used in every episode of Skins! Lol. It's a lot of work but so far i'm doing okay. Though some of the songs are only suitable heard with the the scenes from Skins, some of the songs are really good and are on my current always-listen-to playlist. And not forgetting all of the online videos of Skins! Not only is Skins aired on tv, a lot of mini episodes or additional videos are uploaded to the internet. So it is my quest to hunt and watch them all as well!

Well, I guess i shld continue get myself skinned for now... Ouch!

Generation 1

Generation 1 & 2

Generation 2

And of course, not forgetting, the trademark of Skins:
Wild & High Parties!!!

These wild parties that are portrayed in the series have actually sparked real wild drug and sex fueled parties in UK among teenagers lol. They go around organising parties called Skins Party and you can pretty much expect everything u watch in the series there, maybe even more haha.

The gang tired after another night and day of partying.

This is the clown logo that is used in Skins as an invitation. Somehow a creepy clown man comes out of nowhere. I'm still creeped out.

Maxxie making out with the man clown. =.= lol

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Getting not-so-lost in Tambun!

I was having my exams that time and Yfong was already on her sem break way earlier before me. I was stressed and she was bored. We both needed a getaway. So we started planning all these places to go to after my exams are over. Some ideas were reasonable but some were plain cuckoo. After putting it up in FB and everything, we finally decided to make a roadtrip to Tambun! Five of us were up for the trip: Me, Yfong, Keong, Yoshini and Amir. We decided to go today morning and come back by early night. So i 'borrowed' my dad's car and picked up Amir and Yoshini. After that i met up with Yfong and Keong in Tesco. Before we began our journey, we were considering of a last minute plan change to Bukit Merah instead. Hahahaha. But since we have to send Amir back to Ipoh, we stuck to the plan.

The journey there was fun. We were just talking n laughing in the car. Tonnes of goofs followed till we reached the theme park. Even parking the car in the parking lot was a whole load of laughter. LOL. The fun continued inside the theme park as well. Again we were laughing like hell just for the locker. We played in the water park first and took lots of pictures. Then we went to the amusement park all wet haha. After that we headed for the petting zoo. The petting zoo was AWESOME! One of the best petting zoos ever. Especially the birds cage. Loved all the birds there. After having lots and lots of fun and sunburns in the Lost World of Tambun, we decided to hit Ipoh Parade for lunch and rest. We were starving by that time. Since Amir is practically an Ipoh mali now, we didnt have trouble getting around and plus we got a free tour of Ipoh. I have to say it's a gorgeous city. It was my first time in Ipoh city as well as Ipoh Parade. In IP's food court, i created a fiasco when i lost and found my payment receipt to claim my ordered food lol.

Then we had a lot of fun while eating and continued taking load of photos. Then we only managed to walk a bit in IP because we have to send Amir back to his relative's house in Ipoh n then the rest of us have to head back to Taiping. The journey back was boring. We got a bit lost, but turns out we actually weren't lost. We just thought we were lol. Everyone was beat up and plain tired. Yoshini was not feeling well and had already vomited earlier in IP. But Yfong was there to keep me company while i was driving. Thanks Yfong! After sending Yoshini home and Keong to Tesco, i was on the way to send Yfong back when we narrowly missed an accident. It's was so close. OMG. That was freaky. And again Yfong was there. Huhu thanks again Yfong for not panicking with me lol. After sending Yfong back too, i reached home around 9pm and here I am blogging abt the day. My dad doesn't know abt the trip and hopefully he won't for a very long time :p

In the car, on the way to Tambun.

In front of the entrance.

Having loads of fun in the water!

Pretending to play beach volleyball.

One of the few shots of all of us.

At the amusement park. LOL

The AWESOME petting zoo!

Just walking around and exploring inside the place.

In Ipoh Parade!

Update: 1/6/2010
He still hasn't found out abt the trip. It's either that or he's just pretending. Love u Dad!


Ke$ha live!

The Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls
In Christian Siriano for 2008 American Music Awards

The Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls
In Saree for 2008 Fashion Rocks


Tyra Banks & Heidi Klum