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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Born to Party, Forced to Work.

As a single young adult in KL who was born to party but forced to work, naturally throwing house parties became what I do over the weekends when I am not on the dancefloor in Zouk or Frangipani with my gal pals Josephine, Ee Vonn and Pupas. Recently I discovered the perfect speaker system to make the homeground parties that much more awesome. And it is none other than the Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker.

Share Your Music Anytime, Anywhere

Today’s technology has redefined the way millions of people listen to music. From gramophone, boom-box to portable devices with headphones, devices to project sounds or music have greatly evolved. The latest innovation features wireless portable Bluetooth speakers that are not only portable but produce high quality audio.     

Specifically, the Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker is built with Neodymium Speakers that boast crystal clear treble and earth-shattering bass. Thanks to the passive bass radiator that enhances bass quality, your acoustics are an orchestral delight. Being able to set the atmosphere in a room with a compact device like this – is simply wonderful.

Taking this speaker with you is a snap. Small and portable, its metal casing and white silver colour lets it stand out as a stylish audio accessory. Connecting your mobile phone to the Bluetooth speaker is an easy process due to the built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) feature.

Indoors, the speaker turns your living room into a theatre. Utilizing SoundShare, you can also pair the speaker to your Samsung TV, creating an audio visual delight right in your living room. And it’s all powered by a 2200mA lithium-ion battery that guarantees at least 12 hours of elegant sounds on the go.

The Samsung DA-F61 Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect combination of quality sounds and portability for any kind of lifestyle. Best of all, it turns your music into high powered beats – the way it’s meant to be heard.  

Rating 7/10

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